Library Flocq.Core.Fcore_FTZ

This file is part of the Flocq formalization of floating-point arithmetic in Coq:

Copyright (C) 2010-2011 Sylvie Boldo
Copyright (C) 2010-2011 Guillaume Melquiond

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

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Floating-point format with abrupt underflow

Require Import Fcore_Raux.
Require Import Fcore_defs.
Require Import Fcore_rnd.
Require Import Fcore_generic_fmt.
Require Import Fcore_float_prop.
Require Import Fcore_FLX.

Section RND_FTZ.

Variable beta : radix.

Notation bpow e := (bpow beta e).

Variable emin prec : Z.

Context { prec_gt_0_ : Prec_gt_0 prec }.

Definition FTZ_format (x : R) :=
  exists f : float beta,
  x = F2R f /\ (x <> R0 -> Zpower beta (prec - 1) <= Zabs (Fnum f) < Zpower beta prec)%Z /\
  (emin <= Fexp f)%Z.

Definition FTZ_exp e := if Zlt_bool (e - prec) emin then (emin + prec - 1)%Z else (e - prec)%Z.

Properties of the FTZ format
Global Instance FTZ_exp_valid : Valid_exp FTZ_exp.

Theorem FLXN_format_FTZ :
  forall x, FTZ_format x -> FLXN_format beta prec x.

Theorem generic_format_FTZ :
  forall x, FTZ_format x -> generic_format beta FTZ_exp x.

Theorem FTZ_format_generic :
  forall x, generic_format beta FTZ_exp x -> FTZ_format x.

Theorem FTZ_format_satisfies_any :
  satisfies_any FTZ_format.

Theorem FTZ_format_FLXN :
  forall x : R,
  (bpow (emin + prec - 1) <= Rabs x)%R ->
  FLXN_format beta prec x -> FTZ_format x.

Section FTZ_round.

Rounding with FTZ
Variable rnd : R -> Z.
Context { valid_rnd : Valid_rnd rnd }.

Definition Zrnd_FTZ x :=
  if Rle_bool R1 (Rabs x) then rnd x else Z0.

Global Instance valid_rnd_FTZ : Valid_rnd Zrnd_FTZ.

Theorem round_FTZ_FLX :
  forall x : R,
  (bpow (emin + prec - 1) <= Rabs x)%R ->
  round beta FTZ_exp Zrnd_FTZ x = round beta (FLX_exp prec) rnd x.

Theorem round_FTZ_small :
  forall x : R,
  (Rabs x < bpow (emin + prec - 1))%R ->
  round beta FTZ_exp Zrnd_FTZ x = R0.

End FTZ_round.